蜜月婚紗、 海外旅拍 妳聽過嗎?隨著生活習慣改變,出國旅行已經變得更加容易,少少預算也能經歷一場豐富的旅遊,邊蜜月旅行邊拍婚紗的時代正在流行;而妳的個性與生活習慣,會反映在妳選擇的旅行國家哦。現在就透過以下心理測驗,檢視妳最適合去哪個國家一邊旅行一邊拍攝婚紗!

Have you ever heard of an overseas honeymoon wedding shoot? As lifestyles change, traveling abroad is now becoming increasingly easier. Even with a small budget, it is still possible to experience an amazing trip abroad. Your choice of travel destination is also a reflection of your personality and living habits. Through this personality quiz, let us take a look at the country most suited to you for your overseas honeymoon wedding shoot!


  1. 看過的電影覺得很好看,會再去看第二次嗎?
    Would you go see a movie that you love a second time in the theatre?

Such a waste of money; will not go see a second time (Go to Q2.)

You’re afraid of having missed any detail; will definitely go see a second time (Go to Q3.)


  1. 哪一種電影類型更吸引你?
    What kind of movies do you like more?

Romantic comedies, drama films (Go to Q4.)
Sci-fi, horror, or thriller films (Go to Q5.)


  1. 工作時,午餐都怎麼解決?
    What do you eat for lunch at work?

Order takeout/go out for lunch with colleagues (Go to Q6.)
Prepare and bring your own lunch to work (Go to Q7.)


  1. 對於詐騙集團的工作,妳的看法?
    What are your views on phone scammers?

No objections; they are just doing their jobs (Go to Q6.)
Scamming is not an occupation; it’s a crime (Go to Q9.)


  1. 在姊妹的聊天聚會,妳更接近哪一種類型?
    At a gathering with your friends, what type of person do you resemble more?

You hate awkward silences; you try to avoid them by bringing up new subjects. (Go to Q8.)
You get nervous when all eyes are on you; you listen to others whenever you can (Go to Q9.)


  1. 周末夜在哪裡可以馬上找到你?
    Where are you most likely to be found on a weekend night?

Usually outside (Go to Q10.)
Home (Go to Q8.)


  1. 常會透過占卜、星座、心理測驗這些方式解答心理的疑問?
    Do you often try to find your answers through fortunetelling, horoscopy, or personality quizzes?

Yes, you often cannot decide on things (Go to Q8.)
No, you only look at the ones you’re interested in (Go to Q9.)


  1. 你是否經常一個人?
    Are you often by yourself?

Yes, you really enjoy some alone time (Go to Q12.)
You’re always going out with friends (Go to Q10.)


  1. 111111111111111111111l11111你看到的是?
    111111111111111111111l11111 What do you see?

All 1’s (Go to Q12.)
You saw something different right away (Go to Q11.)


  1. 妳倆一起約會的時候,妳們的對話最符合哪一種?
    When you’re on a date, which circumstance is most likely to occur with your partner?

Your partner tells you to walk slower (Go to Q9.)
You tell your partner to walk slower (Go to Q12.)


  1. 上一題,妳看到什麼?
    For Q9. What did you see?

There was an “l” along the lines (Type B)
You didn’t really realize any difference (Go to Q12.)


  1. 有男友/女友之後就沒朋友了嗎?
    Are you the type to neglect your friends after entering a relationship?

You never neglect your friends (Type A)
Yes, you spend more time with your girlfriend/boyfriend than anyone else (Type C)


  1. 哪種天氣比較適合你?
    What kind of weather suits you more?

Summer, sunshine, beaches (Type E)
I like all seasons (Type D)



類型A 電池永遠滿格的開心果是妳

Type A: You’re always the energetic crowd-pleaser:

妳在旅程中就是個開心果,越晚越有電,跟妳出去 海外旅拍 會很充實,因為到哪裡都要玩,最好是可以從凌晨玩到下一個凌晨,絕不放過任何好玩的細節!妳的旅伴一定是寵著妳、妳想去哪裡他就會牽著妳到處走的類型!這樣的妳們最適合香港、韓國、上海等大都市囉~在人潮中用走拍的手法拍攝活潑的風格,是最適合妳倆的專屬紀錄!

You’re the life of the party on any trip, always fun to be around. Going on an overseas honeymoon wedding shoot with you will definitely be an enriching experience. You will be wanting to explore every nook and cranny in the city; never missing even a single detail. Your partner is probably the type to hold your hand, as he follows you on your spectacular journey. You guys are more suited for large cities like Hong Kong, Seoul, and Shanghai. Imagine photographs of you two walking side by side through the crowds, holding hands with one another!


▲婚紗攝影/韓國婚紗/香港婚紗/海外婚紗:Creation by France Paris Bridal Singapore



類型B 心思細膩的貼心女孩就是妳

Type B: Sweet and sensitive girl is who you are:


You are conscientious and sweet, so you are likely to notice and keep in mind of everything going on around you. You are always extremely well-prepared when planning your trips. People with this kind of personality feel most at home in organized and amiable countries such as Japan, Singapore, Mauritius. These countries will definitely allow you to experience the best vacations, as well as capture beautiful photographs!


▲日本北海道海外婚紗/模里西斯海外婚紗/日本櫻花海外婚紗:Creation by France Paris Bridal Singapore



類型C 放鬆的旅行才叫旅行

Type C: To you, relaxing trips are the best vacations:


You like to be away from the noise of the city, to a peaceful land of blue skies and white clouds, where you can forget all your worries. You like to give your mind some time to settle, as you enjoy a romantic moment with the one you love. The island of Santorini, Greece is a beautiful paradise that you will surely love!

▲婚紗攝影/希臘聖托里尼海外婚紗:Creation by France Paris Bridal Singapore



類型D 深度的文化之旅

Type D: An in-depth cultural trip is what you crave:


As the intellect in your circle of friends, you hold an immense interest in historical monuments and cultural heritage. You would practically go anywhere to explore the mysteries of ancient cities and probe into the wonders of nature. People like you love to go to Australia, Prague, and Italy—ancient cities that are filled with charismatic cultural vibes.


▲婚紗攝影/澳洲海外婚紗/布拉格海外婚紗/義大利威尼斯海外婚紗:Creation by France Paris Bridal Singapore



類型E 陽光沙灘比基尼辣妹是妳

Type E: Sunshine, beaches, and waves:


You are an active and outgoing girl, who longs for freedom and relaxation. Your favorite things to do is sleeping till noon on the weekends, then waking up for a lazy brunch. People with your personality would love to go on vacation on islands such as Bali, Ko Samui, and Okinawa!

▲峇厘島海外婚紗/蘇美島海外婚紗/海島婚紗:Creation by France Paris Bridal Singapore


拍婚紗照何嘗不是一次愛情的旅行,從一個地方到另一個地方,讓愛情縱向遠方,隨心所欲與愛人共度的幸福時光,這就是旅行拍婚紗,最美好的地方! 海外旅拍 客製化結婚攝影包套,歡迎預約來店參觀,本月線上預約之貴賓,下訂可獲得限量豪禮乙份,送完為止。

An overseas wedding photoshoot is a memorable experience for any newly-wedded couples. Not only is it a chance for you to spend some effortless time with the love of your life, but you will also be creating the testimony of your love—your wedding photos—together! That is the most wonderful thing about a honeymoon photoshoot. If you are interested, please make a reservation online.


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